FTI Trials

PRF needs your help to launch FTI Clinical Trial!

Recent studies have paved the way for The Progeria Research Foundation to begin an FTI clinical trial for children with Progeria. For the first time, we have in front of us a possible treatment – or even cure – for children with Progeria. This is a critical time to help PRF, as we are now raising funds to launch the trial.

Go to progeriaresearch.org to find out more about the trial and how you can help. PRF has raised over 1 million dollars but we still need over $700,000.00!

Be a Part of History: Please donate to our FTI Clinical Trial, and Together, we WILL find the cure!

Thank you all for bringing us this far, and for your continued support.

Audrey, Scott and Leslie

Audrey Gordon, Esq.
President, Executive Director

Scott D. Berns, MD. MPH
Chairman, Board of Directors

Leslie B. Gordon, MD, PhD
Medical Director

The Progeria Research Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 3453
Peabody, MA 01961-3453
tel: 978-535-2594
fax: 978-535-5849