Thanks for visiting Lindsay’s site! Lindsay is an extremely intelligent girl with a wild sense of humor and infectious laugh! She loves school and her friends.

She also has many hobbies most of which include a lot of movement! She still loves all of her sports and has recently discovered Hannah Montana. We hope that you enjoy Lindsay’s awesome new website!

Lindsay, born February 24th, was diagnosed at just 5 months with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome.  Progeria causes her body to age 8-10 times faster than normal with the average life expectancy being 13 years. There are currently around 50 children in the world diagnosed with Progeria. We are more hopeful now than ever before with the first ever clinical drug trial nearing completion and possible extension. Please check out the site for ways to help or donate! See lots of pictures of Lindsay While you are visiting, please also sign Lindsay’s Guestbook

Please go to the FTI Trial Page for more information on how you can help.